The Future of Personal Finance

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The Future of Personal Finance

David K Drews
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23 page PDF on cutting edge personal finance and economic topics.

Topics include: 

  • skills 
  • location independence 
  • traditional rules of thumb that still apply 
  • 30+ predictions for the new economy 
  • the current focus of Fintech 
  • a list of action items
  • and ways to head off several scams  

Useful info for today's sovereign man.

We will also discuss how retail investors and others in the personal finance space could go about dealing with the accelerating rate of technological progress.

Does NOT include: cookie cutter platitudes, info for bottom feeders, or low risk/ low reward investments.

Individuals who successfully negotiated other steps/plans could view this PDF as an advanced course.

Not offered as any type of professional advice. 

This PDF isn't suited for easily offended people or for people seeking status or being a top notch virtue signaler.



I want this!

A 23 page personal finance eBook.

23 pages
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